Mr. Jackson Ambole

School Manager

Mr Ambole started at the Academy as a teacher.  He moved quickly through the ranks to Deputy Head Teacher, to Head Teacher and now is the School Manager, overseeing all aspects of running our Academy.  He is a gifted leader who has both an eye for detail and a vision for the future.


2016 January: joined the academy as an assistant teacher.
2016 May: senior teacher and overseeing testing in the academy
2017 January-2017 May: senior teacher and stock taking of resources
2017 May – 2019 August: Deputy headteacher, carrying out of projects, paying salaries, updating of budgets and stocking resources of learning and teaching
2019 August to date: School Manager. Resource allocation, payments, running school income, overseeing projects, employment of staff, giving directions to performing, ICT roles, link Hope Fund and BMAE.

Miscellaneous Achievements

School fencing
Improved student performance
Health Clinic/Sick Bay
Initiating efforts to have class 8, pushing for permanent registration and KNEC center registration
Got the school to focus on academics

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