Welcome to

The Mundia Academy
of Excellence

Esabalu, Kenya

What Mama Fanny Mundia started, we continue

The idea was simple. Children need food and education.

Learning Unlocks the Future

Our Academy

Daily Food

Students can't learn if they are hungry.

Health Care

Our own Health Clinic.

So Many Ways to Help

done with great love.



School Sponsor

  • helps by providing assistance with extra costs that occur monthly including new text books, sudden cost increases (due to any number of variables), repairs and school building maintenance.


Help by providing for our

Annual Fund

  • Provides extra assistance beyond primary education. Emergencies, family tragedies, secondary school fees, etc.

A project funded by the Hop(e) Fund of Buzzards Bay Brewing, 98 Horseneck Rd, Westport MA 02790